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    Ren Weili, Chairman of State Grid Integrated Energy Service Group, meets with Lin Jianwei, Chairman of Jolywood, for Joint Promotion of Integrated Energy Development

    On September 26, Ren Weili, Chairman of State Grid Integrated Energy Service Group Co., Ltd., and Lin Jianwei, Chairman of Jolywood Suzhou Sunwatt Co., Ltd., exchanged opinions and reached consensus on joint promotion of integrated energy development in Beijing.

    Mr. Lin Jianwei said, “in recent years, with the strong support of the national ‘top runner’ program and other policies, our projects in Oman, Dubai and other Middle East regions have been developing rapidly, our products have been highly acclaimed by customers, and we have made further breakthroughs in N-type TOPCon technology. We already have very competitive advantages in efficiency and cost, and will further expand our production capacity to follow the development trend of large-size wafer in the future. Our state grid project in Zhangjiakou uses N-type TOPCon bifacial modules, and we expect to provide the State Grid with next-generation products with higher efficiency in the future. The information released by National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) at the end of August indicates that the government will increase support for the development of clean and renewable energy, promote energy reform and the development of energy and hydrogen storage industry through the vigorous development of photovoltaic industry.”

    Mr. Ren Weili very much agrees with Mr. Lin Jianwei. He said: “the State Grid is changing from previous power supply services to integrated energy supply services, integrating the State Grid with the whole industry chain to form a broader industrial chain. The State Grid has the responsibility to create a large platform to make the integrated energy industry bigger and stronger, and to have the ambition to lead the world. In General Secretary Xi Jinping’s ‘green mountain and clear water’ ideology, integrated energy services rank first in the State Grid strategy, and integrated energy services will also be included in the 14th ‘Five-Year’ Plan. At present, the State Grid’s integrated energy deployment has just begun. In such a macroenvironment, photovoltaic, whether centralized or distributed, will be vigorously developed, so I am very confident about the future development of Jolywood. Beautiful countryside, smart city, and green smart energy will be realized step by step.”

    In a very relaxed and harmonious atmosphere, the two leaders reached consensus on jointly promoting integrated energy development. In the future, the two companies will cooperate more closely and continue to make efforts to promote energy reform.